Glass Polishing Kit

  • £79.00

Mirka’s glass sanding solution for removal of scratches on normal and tempered glass and for refurbishment of a glass surface within many business areas, like architectural, automotive and marine. Take sufficient time over each sanding step; it is all about giving each step enough time. Mirka does not recommend that this process is used on car front windshields because of the risk of optical refraction.

Kit Contains:

5 SIC 125mm Abranet Discs of each grit  P80 / P120 / P150 / P180 / P240 / P320 / P400

2 Abralon 125mm Discs of grits P180 / P360 / P500 / P600 / P1000

2 Felt Pads 125mm Dia

2 Pcs Micro Fibre Cloth

250ml  Polarshine E3 Glass Polishing Compound


Polarshine E3 is designed for polishing out scratches on glass surfaces. It can be used on standard window glass as well as on hardened glass. Polarshine E3 removes marks permanently and is suitable for most glass types. This product is silicon free.

Recommended storage temperature: 15° - 25° C, 59° - 77° F.

Glass sanding solution manual Pdf

The Mirka polisher is recommended for getting the best finish on glass with the polishing kit - contact CXS Tools for further details.


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