Battery powered mini sander with two battery packs and charger.

Mirka Mini sander

  • £425.00

The battery-driven Mirka® AROS-B 150NV is small, ergonomic, energy efficient, brushless spot repair sander with a random 5 mm orbit.  There’s no cord to get tangled in and no air supply that can get contaminated; this tool does not even require oiling. The 10.8V Li-ion battery lasts up to 16 hours in industrial use and charges in 45 minutes.

The Mirka AROS-B comes with 2 battery packs, so one can be charging while the other is being used. The AROS has adjustable orbital speed which can be changed with  +/- buttons.

Technical Details:

10.8V Li-ion battery

32mm Dia Disc mount (Hook & Loop and Plain)

5.0mm Orbit


Abralon 34mm Dia. foam pads and Abranet discs are ideal for this model for sanding and polishing small,delicate or hard to get to areas.

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