Dust Extractors / Air Filters

At CXS Tools, we specialise in Air filtration systems and dust extraction systems to help prevent harmful levels of dust. These products provide a safer and healthier working environment. We stand for quality products, and we seek out innovative brands, including those such as Mirka and Microclene.

Although Microclene have discontinued making Air Filter Machines, another company, Thor Filtration, have taken up the production line for the Air filter machines. We have replacement filters in stock. These filters draw in any micro dust particles that may be floating in the air. As a result, there will be less of a mess to clear at the end of the job. The filter can be used for a variety of environments, such as wood merchants, pet grooming & Woodturning. We are looking for a source for the carbon filter media to filter smoke and smells.

Our choice of Dust Extraction Machines suits a range of budgets and requirements, offering a professional service of extraction, within a compact machine. For ease of use, they include an auto start function, saving time and electricity. Features include a blow function to clean surfaces and areas that are difficult to reach. The Push&Clean filter offers automatic cleaning systems for ease, providing long-term quality suction. They are suitable for both wet and dry applications, provided the correct procedures are used. In order to eradicate any static electricity, the hose connection is earthed, and its wheels ensure it is easy to manoeuvre. Replacement filters are also available from us directly.