Finishing, Polishing & Accessories

At CXS Tools, we are able to provide you with an assortment of products perfect for your finishing and polishing needs. We offer only the best quality brands with innovative solutions, including Mirka and Indasa.

Our range of Mirka Polarshine products include a glass polishing compound, which is especially design for polishing to remove scratches on glass, whether on standard glass or window glass. These can also offer a high gloss finish on paints and lacquers, removing swirl marks, and enabling you to blend old and new paintwork. They are ideal for professional services looking to use them with a machine, as well as being suitable for manual use.

We have an array of sanding and polishing pads, including a lambs’ wool polishing pad, whereby the premium wool fibres are optimized to keep the performance at a high level for serious use. There are also different kinds of sanding discs for micro-finishing applications, including paint rectification and pre-polishing. These offer a flexible film backing, and nylon grip system.

We also stock polishing kits, providing you with all the polishing compounds, discs and microfibre cloths you would need to create the perfect shine. Likewise, we have sanding and polishing kits that feature ideal abrasives for pen making, with varying grits.