Abrasives & Sanding

With sanding products supplied by CXS Tools, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing top quality abrasives and sanding equipment at affordable prices. We aim to sell products that are durable and hardy, meaning you can use them repeatedly in either a professional contracting environment or, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, on jobs around the home. We primarily supply high quality Mirka Abrasives and Sanding products; depending on the product you choose, our prices range from £4.00 through to £160.00 at the top end of the spectrum. We ensure that we only sell the best quality products to our customers, so they can complete the jobs in time and with efficiency.

Our products fit various professions, including decorators, furniture makers, woodturners and boat builders; our extractors are perfect to clear dust and debris whilst you’re sanding, ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment. The pride of our range is our Mirka Abranet products, which are specialist abrasives designed with mesh technology, so dust and debris is extracted through the sander to prevent clogging and to help the abrasives last longer; our Sanding Mesh is suitable for a range of sanding jobs.

The products we sell include sanding discs, dust extraction hoses, sanding sheets (wet and dry), sanding strips, Deco Sanders and even glass polishing kits. Regardless of the finish you want to apply on your job, we’re sure to stock it here. If you’re looking for Mirka Abranet or SIA Net Abrasive Sanding products, general Mirka Abrasives or any other Sanding equipment, look no further than CXS tools.

As a specialist, we stock a wide range of abrasives which are suitable for wood turning, varying from cloth backed abrasives, sandpaper rolls and net abrasives. We provide quality products which keep a cutting edge longer and can be used for longer providing less waste.