VSM Sanding Cloth - Set of 4 rolls

  • £29.95

VSM Vitex abrasive cloth is a durable yet flexible aluminium oxide stearate coated sanding cloth, which is long lasting and suitable as a wood or metal abrasive.

Stronger and more durable than sandpaper.

The top quality sanding cloth keeps a cutting edge for longer than cheaper alternatives, with the stearate coating minimizing clogging and helping to keep heat down to a minimum, preventing other problems. It has been claimed by past users that VSM keeps a cutting edge up to 6 times longer than cheaper alternatives, and have come back for more appreciating the quality for the price.


VSM have the widest range of grits from P80 to P600, which can provide a polished finish. The 115mm wide x 1.0m rolls come as a set of 4, with various P grit combinations.

Very often in the past, similar abrasives would use an open grit for woodturning to minimize clogging. The drawback was a scratchier finish, resulting in more work to eliminate scrathes. Using the special Calcium stearate coating inhibits clogging and allow a close grit can be employed giving a cleaner finish.

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