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Searching for professional sanding products at affordable prices? At CXS Tools, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best sanding products on the market for the best price available, allowing our customers to achieve the results they want in their work. As well as sanding products we also specialise in tools used in the woodwork and decorating industries as well as dust filtration systems to help reduce the output of hazardous dust from your equipment.

With our own personal experience in the industry, we understand the trials that come with the sanding process and are dedicated to providing the equipment that will help you to overcome these issues with ease. We are most interested in the innovative solutions available for sanding, which is why our electric sander products come from the most highly commended brands including the Mirka sander as well as products from Indasa and VSM Abrasives.

We are very aware of the health and safety issues within the sanding process, which is why as well as our sanding equipment, we also sell a wide range of tools that help to reduce these hazards such as dust extractors and air filters. These are an essential sanding accessory that we would highly recommend to our customers as they act to minimise the amount of dust produced from your work, making for a healthier and safer workspace.

For more information about any of the products displayed on our website, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at or 'phone 07584 551 383 and we shall be more than happy to offer our advice and expertise.

If there are any other products you require, we can enquire for you and create an online invoice for you to satisfy your needs.


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