About us

About Nicholas

For over 25 years I have been doing woodturning in my spare time, and over the years learnt about what hazards woodturning brings. Both native and exotic timbers can be allergenic, but the worst enemy is what you cannot see – very fine wood dust.

I have been aware of the dangers of fine wood dust for many years, and have taken precautions myself. Even still, an excessive amount of fine wood dust has been known to cause certain types of lung cancer, so care has to be taken.

With this in mind, I wanted to provide tools that could reduce such health hazards for people, either for work or at home.


Unique Products

We offer a revolutionary new product to decorators, woodworking professionals, sailing enthusiasts and hobbyists, a new abrasive that works quicker yet reduces dust in the work place by up to 90% making working safer and more pleasurable.

Our product is also flexible which allows for sleeker curves and more accurate finishes to be achieved. The product cuts very efficiently at one end of the scale and produces a mirror image finish at the other.

The product can be used for hand sanding or on our electric orbital sanders, which are specially designed to reduce vibration.



Health & Safety

We offer dust filter systems which can sit to one side or be fixed to a wall so that the air in a workplace can be filtered, making the workplace safer and more pleasurable.

Special filters can be provided to reduce fumes and odours. These are being used in other industries including pet grooming now!