Here at CXS Tools, we aim to supply only the highest quality, affordable and durable sanding equipment currently available on the market. That’s why we mainly supply sanders, which we believe provide excellent sanding performance, are ergonomic and can stand the trials and tribulations of a working environment. Whether you’re a professional contractor, or you’re a home owner with a passion for DIY and woodworking, we’re sure that we have the product that can fit your construction needs and your budget. Ensuring that you work with the best quality equipment you can afford goes a long way to ensuring a high quality finished product when your job is completed.

We currently supply a vast range of Mirka Sanders, including Mirka Air Sanders such as the Mirka Orbital Air Sander, or regular orbiter sanders such as the Mirka DEROS Orbital Sander with a 150mm diameter or rectangular DEOS sander; we also supply the Mirka Mini Sander, perfect for those little jobs or those difficult-to-access, fiddly finishes. We don’t just sell Mirka Sanders, we also supply accessories and carry cases that go with them; our Mirka Pad Savers are a popular product that protect the backing pad of your sander from wear and tear. Many of our Mirka Sanders, Mirka Air Sanders and Mirka Orbital Sanders also come with handy carry cases so you can keep all your sanding items together, safe and secure.

Learn a bit more about our Mirka products by watching the video below:

When looking for a reliable product, which is hard-wearing and can maintain a constant quality of sanding, then look no further than CXS Tools, where all our Mirka Products are sure to fit the bill for the job you need to do.