Sanding Cloth Strips - 50mm Wide

  • £12.00

A very flexible cotton cloth backed abrasive. Aluminum Oxide Grain/Coating. Often used for tool parts, car bodies, aeronautics. A high performance, ultra flexible hand sanding material.

The strong and flexible cotton backing makes the abrasive ideal for stripping metal, sanding wood, woodturning and finishing walking sticks.

The variety of grit sizes are:

P80 / P120 / P150 / P180 / P240 / P320 / P400

The strip is 50mm wide and 5.5m long. A recommended sanding cloth for woodwork, woodturning and walking stick sanding.

VSM Abrasives also produce the stearate coated sanding cloth, 115mm wide, and is available in a variety of lengths and grits.

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