Microclene Dust Air Filter MC780

  • £250.00

This Dust Extraction Air Filter is very versatile as it can be hung on a wall, using the keyhole slots on the foot, or it can be stood on a bench or shelf near the work.Ideal for wood turners.

Fine micro particles which can float in the air for days are filtered through the system to clear the air of fine dust particles, which can save clearing the mess days later. 

Replacement dust filters are available.

Suitable for a 75 cubic metre workshop, a double garage is about 60 cu metres.

Dimensions:  307mm diameter excluding foot. 212mm

The main body is a robust metal structure, and is simple to open when replacing filters.

Dust filter systems are now supplied from Thor, who originally made the metal parts for Microclene. Thor have taken on the responsibility to continue making the machines.

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