Grip-a-Disc Sanding System

  • £30.25

Grip-A-Disc Shear Sanding & Power Sanding System for Woodturners

Power sanding makes a tremendous difference to the time taken to complete a turning project.  However, many users who use the method intensively find that conventional foam-backed pads very soon start to shed their hook-and-loop pads as the glue-line weakens due to the heat build-up from the abrasive action passing through to the backing disc.

By re-thinking the process, the late Len Piers, devised a solution that obviates this annoying shortcoming of the power sanding method.  Instead of having a foam-backed sanding pad, Len placed the foam on the abrasive so that the backing pad is insulated from the abrasive-generated heat.  Hence you have the convenience of a hook-and-loop fastening, coupled with a stiff backing pad which keeps its shape and doesn't try to shed its hook fastening surface every time the going gets a little warm!  Ideal for woodturning.