large dust air filter tf1260 by thor

Large Dust Air Filter TF1260 By Thor

  • £375.00

This is the Thor Filtration TF1260, similar to the Microclene MC1200 air filter machine.

Ideal for working in a workshop or room up to the size of a treble garage or 120 cubic metres. If interested, please give us a ring to discuss the possibilities and your needs.

It is ideal to hang from the ceiling or a support by its chain, and help the air throughout the whole workshop circulate through the filter.

Comes with a dust filter as standard (TF.M 1260).

The new Wireless Controlled models can be switched on/off remotely by smartphone, as seen below -



The Filter

The filter is made of polyvee glass to the EU4 standard. This means it will filter out 95% of all dust at 2 microns or larger, 80% of dust down to 1 micron and 65% of dust down to 0.4 micron.
The filters are very easy to replace.

The Motors

The motors are swiss made to a very high standard, and are very reliable and quiet.  They are thermally protected and spark proof, which is a necessity when working with wood.

Motor: 215w, 240V      Flow Rate: 1200m3/H    


Black powder coating

Dimensions: 305mm Dia.     Height: 280mm

Weight: 8.5 Kg


Thor Filtration
Filters are hand assembled in a UK factory in Hampshire, and use only high quality components throughout.
The motors are Swiss made to a very high standard and are very reliable. Thermally protected and most important to woodworkers they are spark proof, so less chance of dust combustion. Ingress protected to IP44 standard.

The range was designed in response to the high number of cancer cases caused by timber dust inhalation mentioned in the national press. In the first two years Microclene filters were given several awards, “Health & Safety product of the Year” “Services to the Woodwork Industry Award” and others.

Their filters are used all over the world in lots of different environments, Timber Dust is the largest market, some other markets include : racehorse stables, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, metal grinding, indoor aviaries, dental labs, printing works.

For years people have thought that only the exotic timbers were a danger to health, then the European timbers were tested and found to be just as dangerous, causing all sorts of health problems, including nasal cancer, asthma etc. 

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