dust air filter tf470

Dust Air Filter TF470

  • £245.00

This is the Thor Filtration TF470, similar to the Microclene MC420 air filter machine.

It is ideal to hang from the ceiling or a support by its chain, and help the air throughout the whole workshop circulate through the filter.

Ideal for a working in a workshop or room up to the size of a single garage or 40 cubic metres.

Comes with a dust filter as standard (TF.M 470).

The new Wireless Controlled models can be switched on/off remotely by smartphone, as seen below -



The Filter

The filter is made of polyvee glass to the EU4 standard. This means it will filter out 95% of all dust at 2 microns or larger, 80% of dust down to 1 micron and 65% of dust down to 0.4 micron.
The filters are very easy to replace.

The Motors

The motors are swiss made to a very high standard, and are very reliable and quiet.  They are thermally protected and spark proof, which is a necessity when working with wood.

Dimensions: 205mm Dia x 250mm

Weight: 4 Kg

TF470 Ait Filter Instructions

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