Dust Extraction / Air Filtration

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When busy making furniture or wooden pieces, sanding always creates fine dust. When power sanding with orbital sanders, or sanding woodturning objects, very fine dust is created which can be a health hazard.

To overcome these issues, Microclene designed an air filtration system where fine floating dust could be filtered from the workshop air. Microclene were given awards for the design and technique used for their machines. Many of these machines are still working today, and machines are now being manufacturered by Thor Filtration.

With various designs and sizes, we try to provide as many of the filter media for these machines as possible, These include filters for -

MC200 / TF250            


MC420 / TF470            

TF810 / MCF760          

MC1000 / MC780         

MC1200 / MC1250          &


Along with dealing with the fine dust in the air, it is also recommended to wear dust masks as well.

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