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Here at CXS Tools, we are proud to present another product range available for purchase right here on our website. Some new varieties of sanding discs have been developed within the Mirka range, one of the leading brands in the construction industry when it comes to professional sanding finishes on construction projects. Today, we are going to talk you through some of the latest and brightest features that the Mirka abrasives bring to the table, and why we think it’s the perfect product for you to add to your sanding collection.

Iridium Sanding Discs                                                                  

Mirka have produced the Iridium sanding discs, which are designed to make sanding more efficient with faster sanding and less steps to get to a polished finish. The sanding surface has a mixture of ceramic and aluminium oxide grains on a flexible paper backing. It practically repels dust, which increases the lifetime of each disc, and with a new precision coating the abrasive keeps its cutting edge for longer.

Novastar Sanding Discs  

If you are more interested in wet sanding, then look at the Mirka Novastar abrasives. These are similar to the Iridium sanding discs, but are based on a flexible film which is water resistant. Again, the sanding surface has a mixture of ceramic and aluminium oxide grains backed with a flexible film.


For maximum efficiency when sanding dry, The Mirka CEROS and DEROS sanding machines can be attached to a dust extractor to minimize the air-borne dust. Both Iridium discs and Novastar discs have been designed with multiple small holes for the dust to be extracted through. What’s more, the positive impact on your health can be astounding, as very little dust is expelled that can be inhaled, reducing problems with breathing in irritants into the lungs as you work.

Purchase from CXS Tools

Here at CXS Tools we are proud to say that we supply the Mirka abrasives for our customers to purchase; you can browse our website for more information on the Mirka Iridium and Novastar discs, which we believe would be useful in your tool and equipment collection, along with Mirka sanders. If you would like more information on this or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our website; we will be more than happy to help you.


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