Differences Between a Mirka Ceros and Mirka Deros

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Having the right kind of sander is essential to achieving the quality of work that you are striving for whether that’s for clients or within your own home. At CXS Tools, we supply a range of sanders that are of the highest quality and performance and each of our Mirka sanders provide their user with great control, enabling them to achieve good precision in their work.

Despite this, there are some slight differences between the Mirka sanders that we have on offer. Here, we shall illustrate the differences between the Ceros sander and the Deros sander, to give you a better idea as to which one would be most suitable for you.

Mirka Ceros Sander

  • The Mirka Ceros sander is a machine suitable for all kinds of sanding work on almost any surface. Available with a 5.0 or 2.5 orbit, this is a great, versatile piece of equipment and that also comes with a backing pad.
  • The Mirka Ceros has a low noise level as well as an optimised vibration level. It is also equipped with a grip soft, quick lock pad.
  • This sanding machine is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and transport between locations.
  • The 2.5 Orbit Mirka Ceros in particular is great for smaller operations such as smart repair and bumper sanding as well as making corrections on solid surface applications and items of furniture.

Mirka Deros Sander

  • The Mirka Deros has an integrated vibration system using Bluetooth low energy technology. This technology allows you to track and monitor the vibration levels of your sander from the myMirka app.
  • The Mirka Deros also has a soft start function option as well as a built in electronic motor brake and a smooth and easy to operate level to control the speed of the motor. It is suitable for all surfaces and it particularly useful for smaller, hard to reach areas.
  • As well as being the lightest machine on the market, the design of the Mirka Deros is unique in that it is entirely symmetrical, making it equally as comfortable to hold for right and left-handed users. It can also be used with a two-handed grip should you need to.
  • Its backing pad has a central air inlet to improve the air flow which helps extract dust even faster. Because of its brushless motor, the Mirka Deros sander is easy to clean, which is useful for someone needing to pack up their work quickly so that they can travel to their next client.

What’s the difference?

To summarise, the Mirka Deros sander is a slightly more specialised piece of equipment, in that it has some newer, more improved functions to help you perfect your sanding work. The Mirka Deros sander is a slightly more expensive investment than the Mirka Ceros sander, and this extra cost is probably worthwhile to those who depend on a high quality sander for their profession. Ultimately whilst both machines are very similar, the extra features of the Mirka Deros make it desirable to those who want a sander that will go above and beyond for them. 

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At CXS Tools, we specialise in abrasive sanding materials as well as tools used for decorating and woodwork and supply innovative materials and machinery to professionals in these industries.

We are all too familiar with the ins and outs of different sanding machines so if you would like more information about the sanders that we provide whether that’s the Mirka Ceros and Deros or otherwise, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at or 07584 551 383 and we shall be more than happy to offer our advice and expertise.

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