Four Benefits of Using Our Mirka Finishing Products

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Here at CXS Tools, we are proud to supply you with the best brands for finishing and polishing. Today we’re going to focus on the benefits of using our range of Mirka products and tell you more about the collection.

Multi-Purpose Polishes

The Mirka Polarshine products are available in a variety of different sizes, made from a special compound which is designed to remove scratches on different types of glass, including window glass. The Polarshine 5 is also able to be used for creating a gloss finish on paints and lacquers. It does this whilst removing any swirl marks on both paints and clear coats, and is suitable for blending both new and old paintwork. It can be used in combination with other Polarshine liquids (15, 12, or 10) for an even higher gloss.

Premium Quality Pads

When using these polishing products, it’s important to also use the correct kind of pads with them, to ensure the highest quality. We recommend our range of Mirka foam pads and sanding discs. There’s a wide range of choice, including a polishing pad made from lambs’ wool. The premium wool fibres enable you to use the pad time and time again without compromising on its performance. These are the best professional quality products and can be used for all types of paintwork, including those n ART, Marine and Wood sectors, and OEM applications.

Complete Kits

If you’re thinking about using our range of Mirka glass polishing products, why not opt for the complete kit? With this, you get packs of Abranet Discs in every grit, Mirka Abralon discs in varied grits, felt pads, microfibre cloths, and the Polarshine E3 polishing compound. Once you’ve got the right tools, all you need to remember is to take your time to get that perfect shine.

Dust Free

You may still be wondering exactly why these Mirka products are heads and shoulders above the rest. Well, the innovative technology ensures a completely even finish. Not only that, but it can be achieved in an almost dust-free way, producing a minimal amount of dust when sanding compared with your standard dry sanding products. This makes the workplace a better, safer place by minimising dangerous dust contamination – meaning more healthy, happy workers. In turn, they also avoid dust clogging the abrasive and creating pills that result in an inferior surface. This means that the products go further, saving you money and reducing waste.  You get a clearer perspective on what you’re doing, meaning a greater control and less risk of over-sanding the surface you’re working on.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on the Mirka range or any of our other products, please get in contact with us. Located in Essex, you can find full details on any page of our website, and you can either email us at or speak to us directly by calling 07584 551 383. A member of our team will be glad to assist you.

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