Which Mirka Sander is the Right One for You?

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What is a Mirka sander?

Here at CXS Tools, we aim to provide our customers with high quality, innovative products for decorating and wood work. That’s where Mirka sanders come in. Mirka are a company from Finland that produce innovative equipment designed to achieve the best possible results. Mirka are a reliable brand who supply equipment that we believe to be at a standard that is revolutionary for decorators and wood work professionals. Their sanders are specially designed to be both compact and lightweight, making them easy to control and navigate. Precise and efficient sanding results are made possible by the optimised ergonomics of their machines as the sanders are both comfortable to grip and easy to operate.

All of our Mirka products here at CXS Tools will allow you to consistently produce excellent sanding results with ease.


Who are we?

With our selection of products, we take into consideration the serious dangers involved in sanding materials. The inhaling of large quantities of fine wood dust can have serious detrimental problems to a person’s health, which is why serious precautions should be taken. We have carefully selected the tools and equipment that we offer our customers to help reduce the risk of health hazards for people who rely on the use of sanding equipment either at home or for work. We aim to provide innovative equipment from the best brands that we know and trust. The Mirka sanders we supply both produce excellent results with ease and protect the user from these aforementioned dangers. In other words, they are entirely in line with what we aim to achieve at CXS Tools.


Which Mirka sanders do you supply?

The Mirka Electric Sander / Mirka Orbital Sander

This powerful sander is the one to use if you’re looking to get a job done quickly. Powered by a high efficiency brushless motor, this electric machine is able to maintain a constant speed even under heavy load. The brushless motor makes this a low maintenance piece of equipment with a long lifespan. In comparison to other conventional machines, the Mirka Electric Sander is a closed construction that effectively prevents dust from entering the motor, something which can cause wear if not monitored. There is a variety of Deros or Ceros sanding kits to choose from.

The Mirka Ceros Sander

Compact and electrically powered, the Mirka Ceros Sander is a highly efficient and dependable piece of equipment suitable for use on all surfaces. Easy to use and complete with a 150mm or 125mm backing pad, this sander is guaranteed to produce excellent results on all woodwork and decorating projects.  The Ceros has an efficient DC motor to provide the necessary power using less energy.

The Mirka Deros Sander

Complete with a brushless motor, this sander now also comes with a vibration sensor, a highly useful feature for achieving the best results in your sanding project. This very powerful machine is incredibly efficient, and its closed construction prevents any dust from entering the motor and causing wear.

The Mirka Air Sander

The Mirka Air Sander is the ideal piece of equipment for professional sanding jobs. Its specialist design is both lightweight and ergonomic, making it easy for the user to reach tight corners. Sanding strips are provided to maximise dust extraction efficiency. Effective and durable, this rectangular, pneumatic machine maintains a low noise level even when operating at its maximum rpm. 


Get in contact

From personal experience with wood work and sanding, the team here at CXS Tools understand the need for high quality sanding equipment and what exactly makes an effective sanding machine. The products we provide are both user friendly and achieve excellent end results. For more information, please visit our website to browse our sander products and read about them in greater detail, or get in contact with us directly and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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