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Thor Dust Air Filter Machines

To the hobbyist or professional woodturner, there is nothing quite so beautiful as a perfectly crafted wooden article which has been sanded and finished with care and finesse.  Wood is a very satisfying material to work in, as most of the crafting can be done with hand tools and the finished piece takes shape before your eyes.  CXS Tools have a proud history of supplying sanders, abrasives, finishing accessories and other tools to enthusiasts and tradespeople who feel a connection with their chosen material and are constantly searching for new ways to improve the presentation of their products.

An unavoidable by-product of working with wood is the dust and shavings which are produced when the material is cut or sanded.  Anyone who pursues woodwork as a hobby or occupation is likely to spend a lot of time in an environment which contains large quantities of airborne material, which can be very bad for your health.  Breathing in wood dust can cause allergic reactions and mucosal respiratory symptoms.  Hardwood dust has been shown to cause cancer of the nose and other areas.  And statistics show that carpenters and joiners are four times more likely to suffer from asthma than other UK workers.  It is the very fine particles in settled dust which are most likely to damage the lungs.

In light of the serious repercussions of inhaling the waste materials which come from woodworking, it is critical that anyone who works with or around such tools as saws, planes, drills and sanders should take measures to protect themselves.  Wearing a mask while working and keeping your work area clean go a long way, but as we mentioned earlier it is the fine dust which hangs in the air and accumulates in tight corners which really does the damage.  CXS Tools recommend the use of a dust extraction system to remove the majority of these fine particles.  Dust filter machines continuously filter the air in your workshop and can filter out particles as small as 0.4 microns across.  They are designed to be left running while you are in the workshop, and for a period of time afterward, to provide a clean and safe environment on your return.

Thor dust air filter machines are among the best dust extraction units on the market.  We are currently promoting the Thor TF 810 dust filter machine which is designed for use in a workshop approximately the size of a double garage.  One of an award winning range of products originally designed by a company called Acrol Ltd and branded as Microclene Air Filters, this model is now produced in the UK by Thor Filtration Ltd.  Models for other sizes of premises along with supplies of filtration consumables can be found here.

No one should have to suffer for their art, especially when solutions are readily available.  Invest in a dust filter machine from CXS Tools, and look forward to a long and healthy future pursuing the craft you love.

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