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Here at CXS Tools, we have a great selection of products for glass finishing and polishing. Today we will focus on our range of products available from Mirka, one of the global market leaders in this industry. Here you will see you have the option of buying separate tools and polish, as well as buying a handy glass polishing kit. Read on to find out more about these different options.

Mirka Glass Polishing Polarshine E3

If you find yourself with scratches on a glass surface, it can be really unpleasant and unsightly. To remove scratches, the Polarshine E3 is a burnishing cream that we provide in order to polish your glass back to perfection. It is suitable for use on standard window glass, and additionally on hardened glass. It works to permanently remove marks, and it can be applied on most types of glass, with the added benefit of being silicon free. It is recommended that you store this product between 15-25°C, which is around the typical room temperature.

Mirka PS1437 Polisher

We also supply our customers with the Mirka PS1437 Polisher, which is a polishing machine. The powerful electric motor has a high torque (referring to the turning power), as well as a step-less switch and an adjustable rotational speed. This enables you to reach the exact speed you need when you’re polishing your glass. You can change pads easily due to the spindle lock, and for optimum control and manoeuvrability, it also features a bail handle and side handle. Designed to be used with a maximum 150mm pad, it is great for polishing small surfaces. Use with the Mirka Polarshine E3, and our range of Mirka backing pads and polishing pads.

Glass Polishing Kit

To make sure all your glass polishing needs are met, why not take advantage of our glass polishing kit? For use on both normal and tempered glass, you can refurbish your glass surface with the best tools in the business in just one click. It comes with the Polarshine E3 mentioned previously. In addition to this 250ml bottle, you will also find five 125mm Abranet discs with a range of seven different grits, two 125mm Abralon discs with a selection of five different grits, two 125mm felt pads, and two microfibre cloths. Although not recommended for car front windshields due to the risk of optical refraction, this kit is ideal for more applications, with a range of industrial uses including architectural, automotive, and marine applications.

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